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Emergency Eyewash Station

Harga:telp 021-65866430, 65866431,33832900,085883358833,087882014995,081388688801
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Kemas & Pengiriman:unit/set
Negara Asal:Amerika Serikat
Keterangan:This emergency eyewash and shower decontamination station is ideal for large growers and commercial applicators
* Exceeds a drenching 20 gpm water flow at 30 psi
* 10 " diameter ABS plastic shower head
* Stainless steel eye/ face wash bowl
* Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards
Install emergency eyewash and shower station adjacent to mixing and loading areas where serious chemical spills are most likely to occur. Heavy-duty, 10 " diameter ABS shower head exceeds a drenching 20 gallons per minute flow at 30 p.s.i. by pulling the stainless steel pull rod. Eye/ face wash are activated by either a foot treadle or push flag at the stainless steel bowl, which has wide-pattern, soft-spray outlet heads providing over a three gallons per minute flow. Water supply access on emergency eyewash and shower is available from the ceiling ( at top) or the wall ( mid-height) with standard 1-1/ 4 " NPT openings. Chrome-plated brass valves. Drain provided. The emergency eyewash and shower station includes universal sign and inspection tag. Base of shower head is 86 " from the floor. Weighs 42 lbs. Safety yellow color. Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards. SEI certified. USA made.
EW402 EMERGENCY EYE - WASH( wall mounted type)
EW407 EMERGENCY EYE - WASH( pedestal mounted type)

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virlie enginering co
33832900, 085883358833
YM : virlie_darius@
LIVE: virlie.darius@
email : mgkkemayoran@
telp 33832900 , 085883358833 , 087882014995, 081388688801,
mall mega glodok lt GF block D 5 no 1
mall mega glodok lt GF block A10 no 1

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Nama:Ibu viseal virlie [Pemasaran]
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Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Ibu viseal virlie di dki jakarta
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Alamat:mall mega glodok kemayoran block A 10 no 1,2,3,4
dki jakarta 10360, Jakarta
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